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France and Germany Cut Solar Tariffs

PARIS, France today announced that it is cutting its solar feed-in tariff for rooftop systems from 55 euro cents to 42 euro cents, a 24% reduction in its solar-incentive system. Solar companies and investors have been in panic mode about an upcoming feed-in tariff cut from Germany, the world's biggest solar market by far, but the French reduction is significant.

Is the French reduction a harbinger of worse to come from Germany? The German environmental minister has been quoted recently as saying an announcement about the feed-in tariff cut could be made within days.

There are some important distinctions to be made between France and Germany's solar markets. First and foremost, France is a blip compared to Germany on the solar power global grid. Germany represents between 50%-60% of the global solar market, while France, even breaking into the Top Ten in 2009, represents a mere fraction of Germany's solar dominance.

However, France is a growing solar market, and an important one, so the feed-in tariff reduction is reason for solar companies to pause and reflect on the significance of a 24% reduction. It probably won't keep solar companies from chasing business in France, though.

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Renewable Energy, driving the economy

The European Union White Paper on Renewable Energy, which creates a common strategy and joint planned action between all of the member states, requires that renewable energy must compose at least 20% of total energy consumed in the EU, a requirement which doubles the 10% target which had been established for 2010. At the same time, in the United States, President Barack Obama has introduced a stimulus package which provides for the doubling of the production of clean energy from renewable sources over the next three years and China amongst other countries has also introduced a significant renewable energy requirement.

This situation stems froma global change in the use of resources, resulting in the changing approach of many world leaders towards a new energy model, in which fossil fuels will gradually lose ground to renewable energy.

Renewable energy has been consistently recommended as one of the best sectors in which to invest by a wide range of investment consultants, analysts, financial institutions and the broader business press. Indeed the 2008 results for Renewable Energy, despite the difficult economic situation which we have experienced during the past two years, confirm an exponential increase.

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